Fun Tours in Palm Beach County

With 236 days of sunshine a year, Florida is an easy pick when it comes to cities to visit during the summer. Florida has some of the hottest attractions for kids and adults, which makes visiting the city even more enjoyable no matter what your age or interests.

If you were thinking of taking a fun tour in West Palm Beach, Florida, here are some options that will help you get it right.

Palm Beach Bus Tours

Palm Beach Bus Tours will give you a wonderful tour of the most beautiful mansions at Palm Beach. Visitors will also get to see some of the area’s most historic sites, including popular city landmarks and the homes of famous celebrities as well. This 30-passenger tour bus is great for spending the day in awe of some of the most interesting places you have been to in Florida, including the homes of Hollywood stars you love.

Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour

If you’re looking for something that’s different and unique then the Swamp Buggy Eco-Tour should do it for you. The 2,200 acre preserve out at Clewiston is home to alligators, snakes and other Florida native wildlife. The tour is a great opportunity to get to see the more natural side of Florida that one doesn’t get to see much of. While you’re out there, be prepared to capture a glimpse of the Black Bear or Florida Panther.

The Diva Duck Amphibious Tour

This is another sightseeing tour that operates within West Palm Beach, Florida. The best part about taking this fun tour is that you will get to view Florida from both a bus and a unique amphibious vessel, as in a boat. You will get to see some local hot spots along with some historical sights from Florida’s rich past. The highlight of the entire Diva Duck Amphibious Tour is the hilarious guide who is not afraid to share some interesting details to the places you visit, which makes it one of the more unique tours in West Palm Beach Florida.

West Palm Beach Food Tour

As the name implies, the West Palm Beach Food Tour is where you will get to taste some unique local cuisines and find out some interesting stories of local sites in West Palm Beach Florida. This is a fun sightseeing tour that should definitely be on anybody’s list whose visiting Florida. You can easily get your summer vacation off to a tasty start with this unique sightseeing tour where each food will tell you a story.

Ending Note

What was once the residence of laborers and servants of Palm Beach has today transformed into a lively and hip destination that boasts of a rich art scene along with some great shopping and restaurant options as well.

While you’re at West Palm Beach, Florida don’t forget to add the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens and the Norton Museum of Art also to your must-visit list. Ticket information to all of these tours are available online.

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