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Learn more about the places, local businesses, and the people that make the sunshine state special. Read about all the fun things to do in Florida.

Space Coast
Space Coast is a region located along the Atlantic Ocean...
Florida Weather
 Florida, also known as the land of flowers is a...

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Miami Beach Hotels

If you are a fun loving traveler, then you will enjoy the pool parties and raging nightclubs on Miami Beach. You can dance the entire night away at Fontainebleau or Ocean Avenue as they both have a lively night scene.

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How to Pack Your Cooler for the Beach

Our social life is shrinking by the minute, which makes holding on to some traditions even more important. Taking a trip to the beach to spend a balmy afternoon is a great family tradition that many people look forward to.

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What’s There to Do in Riviera Beach, FL

Riviera Beach (Population 30,000) named after the famous French Riviera; this ‘Riviera of America’ is located in Palm Beach County, Florida. The city is famous for its diving sites and its day time temperatures over around a balmy 70-75 F

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Florida Food Festivals and Fiestas

The mesmerizing tropical climate of Florida is ideal for fresh vegetable and fruit produces. Being adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico also makes Florida an idyllic spot for catching exotic seafood.  So it does not come

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